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At GoExplore, you will find the perfect option for a once-in-a-lifetime, experience in North America. Our courses conjugate English lessons; one-of-a-kind educational tours and field-trips; special meals and parties; along with special lessons at the most sought-after Universities and Colleges.

Our unique blend of “fun and learn” activities will grant you a true immersive experience in which you will find all the necessary tools to improve not only your knowledge of the English language, but also your communicative skills.

Whether you are looking for a trip to better your English, or looking for ways to boost your resumé, we have the expertise to accompany you. All of our teachers are certified and our courses follow the highest standards set by organizations such as: ACCET, Languages Canada, and the British Council.

English courses

Our English courses in the USA and Canada are specially designed for professionals and international students who want to improve their English by studying English full time. All of our courses include daily English classes scheduled on mornings and afternoons, as well as special classes that focus on leadership, design thinking, technology, and innovation.

Outside English classes, students hang out together and practice speaking English, go on daily excursions and educational activities developed and organized by the school in partnership with household names such as Disney, MIT, and NY Museum of Natural History among many others, and engage with their fellow students at all times.

All of these experiences are integral parts of a really immersive English environment that ensures you will learn English more quickly. Because these activities are an essential part of the learning process, accommodations, morning and evening meals, and activities are included in your English course price.

What sets GOExplore apart?

  • Specially designed field-trips and cultural trips, mixing the right amount of “fun and learning”

  • The latest instructional technology

  • Multi-lingual Chaperones who accompany the groups 24/7

  • Highly-qualified teachers committed to improving your English day-by-day

  • Special classes at the most sought-after educational institutions in North-America

  • 12 hours of activities everyday

  • Positive academic atmosphere

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